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Fulks Custom Cranks

How we started

Based out of Pennsylvania, there is not a whole lot to do in the winter. One day Nick Fulks had enough of sitting around waiting for spring to come to start fishing and to battle this, at 15 Nick started painting crankbaits. After years of learning how to airbrush lures through lots of trial and error, we are now able to offer professionally painted crankbaits in a variety of field tested colors.

Why Fulks Custom Cranks?


Fulks Custom Cranks is ran by Nick Fulks, an advid bass tournament angler. Nick ensures the quality of his baits produced are tournament ready as he uses his own products. Nick's baits are made for fishermen by fishermen.

Phenomenal day on Erie today! New person

Fulks Custom Cranks

Fishing team

Captain George Mrozinski

Lake Erie and Lake Okeechobee Guide


Russell Johnson

Tournament Kayak Angler

Pleasant Title


Captain Ben Hynes

Lake Erie Guide

Presque Isle Guide Service

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